About Invacare Interior Design

We're different.

We are Interior Designers first, but with a combined 100-plus years of experience in designing for healthcare, long-term care and senior living, our design staff brings something truly unique, something beyond a basic love for healthcare design, to the table: passion for caring.

At Invacare Interior Design, we have a deep understanding of the importance of color, light, textures and materials and how they can affect long-term care facility residents' well-being. We are mindful of light level consistency when going from one room or space to another, and we know that sounds can agitate or disorient the hearing impaired, so we are careful to select furnishings that absorb unwanted sounds. What's more, we always set out to incorporate design ideas that respect independence, deliver helpful functonality to meet residents' needs, provide clear way-finding and combine style with safety and comfort.

In addition, Invacare Interior Design is a division of Invacare Corporation, a leading manufacturer of beds, medical equipment, furnishings and accessories. This direct access to multi-tiered product and pricing gives us a unique advantage and our clients benefit from this synergy. See, sometimes it's good to know people.

Get to know Invacare Interior Design.

Our team consists of designers with strong backgrounds in long-term care, acute care and hospitality design. Additionally, we have full-time dedicated project coordinators with vast experience in:

  • Scheduling management
  • Installation coordination
  • Medical device manufacturing
  • Product research 
  • Client satisfaction
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