10 Questions to Answer Before Meeting with an Interior Designer

by Invacare Interior Design on Jan 11, 2018 4:03:00 PM

10 Questions to Answer Before Meeting with an Interior Designer

Working with an interior designer can be intimidating if you have never worked with one before. Prior to meeting with an interior designer regarding your new facility build or renovation, work through the list of questions below to help you prepare for a meeting.

  1. Can you provide a detailed scope of the work you would like completed?
  2. Can you provide blueprints of the facility with dimensions? Are they available digitally?
  3. What is the median income of the surrounding area? Can you provide a market analysis and detail of the surrounding area?
  4. What kind of budget do you have for this project?
  5. Who will be using this space? What is the level of care being provided here?
  6. What will the space be used for? Activities, dining, etc.?
  7. Who makes the final decisions?
  8. Is there a certain design or color scheme you are looking for? What don’t you want?
  9. Will you need warehousing and installation (If this is new construction or a large renovation)?
  10. What is the targeted completion date for your project?

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