5 Things to Know About Color in your Facility

by Invacare Interior Design on Feb 8, 2018 4:04:00 PM

5 Things to Know About Color in Your Facility

The use of color in design, specifically healthcare, can be difficult to understand. Color itself is, well, complicated and many factors contribute to determining the use of color in healthcare. Read on to find five things you need to know about color in your facility.

  • The color a person sees is dependent on the color of the object, as well as the color of the light hitting it. For example, an object in an area where warmer temperature lighting is used could be perceived a different color than if it was placed in an area with cooler temperature lighting.
  • It is recommended that the same temperature of light is used throughout a space to keep the appearance of colors consistent. Be mindful of different types of lighting as well as the location and number of windows, ceiling heights, and reflective surfaces.
  • Culture, age, and gender of residents should be considered when choosing colors for your facility. There are many differences in preferences between these variables.
  • While the use of white was associated with cleanliness and sterility in the United States, many cultures see white as a symbol for death and mourning. White can also cause increased glare and make it difficult for residents to differentiate between walls, floors, and ceilings.
  • Color can be used as an effective wayfinding technique. High-contrast signage that is easy to see and a harmonious color scheme that offers a variety of colors can aid in marking important landmarks and features.

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