Choose This, Not That: Products Worth the Investment

by Invacare Interior Design on Mar 22, 2018 4:02:00 PM


While they may not be the most cost effective, some products are worth investing in upfront for a better return in the end when renovating or building a facility. Invacare Interior Design outlines five products you should choose over other cost effective options like them below.

LED Lighting

By choosing LED lightingfor your facility, you can not only create a bright, vibrant environment, but also save money in the long run. LED lights are energy efficient, and since they don’t need to be changed as often, you may be able to save money on labor. Many states even offer rebates for choosing energy efficient options such as LED lighting.


Artwork should be considered a long-term investment in your facility. Timeless pieces of artwork such as photography or local images will remain popular throughout the years and can be enjoyed by residents, families and staff for years to come.


The color of items that are not often replaced such as crash rails, handrails and signage, should be taken into consideration. Choosing neutral colors can be beneficial as the color scheme of your facility may change more often than your need to replace the above items.


When choosing seating, consider the make of the chair. Aluminum chairs tend to be more durable due to the welded construction, which eliminates the need for screws. Wooden chair frames may use screws to hold several pieces together and will need to be tightened with use. Invacare Interior Design recommends wooden chairs with mortise and tenon construction.

Room Furniture

While 3D laminate furniture may be slightly more expensive, it pays for itself in durability with impact, scratch and stain resistance, as well as aiding in infection control. Vinyl wrapped drawers with sealed edges are also beneficial and help protect bacteria, dirt and liquid from entering.

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