Crypton® Fabrics: What’s All the Buzz About?

by Invacare Interior Design on Dec 14, 2017 4:03:00 PM

Although significant improvements have been made to vinyl in recent years, it is no longer your only upholstery option for protecting the furnishings in your facility. In close collaboration with Crypton® for several years, Invacare Interior Design continues to educate the industry on the benefits, use, and performance of Crypton products.

You may have Crypton fabrics in your facility now, you may have heard of it, or you may know nothing about it. Whatever your knowledge level of Crypton may be, we are here to help bridge the gap and provide education about Crypton and whether or not it’s an option for your facility.

So what is Crypton? Per their website, Crypton uses a patented system to encase textile fibers with a proprietary copolymer formula which offers stain, moisture, mildew, bacteria, and odor-resisting protection. It is not a surface treatment, but rather a textile that is transformed through a series of processes. Crypton is easy to maintain and has the ability to retain its integrity and appearance of upholstered furnishings.

Crypton Fabrics: What's All the Buzz About?

If you’re interested in incorporating Crypton into your facility, we recommend starting with considering the spaces in your facility and what their purposes are. For example, in some memory care units, we’ve seen a need to use both Crypton-treated fabric and vinyl on some furnishings. Typically, a complimentary vinyl is used on seating areas due to high levels of incontinence (especially in memory care units) or high traffic areas such as common rooms and dining areas with a more decorative fabric, treated with Crypton, used on the upper portion of the chair to impact the overall design and allow the facility to deliver an aesthetically pleasing space, without compromising the functionality of the furniture.

The photo below gives an example of a chair that features the combination of vinyl with a Crypton-treated fabric to create the ‘perfect marriage’ of design and function.

If you’ve ever felt a treated fabric, you may question whether a Crypton-treated fabric actually feels like fabric and if it will look the same as other fabrics. While Crypton is a fabric, not every fabric can be treated with the process. If you have ever sat on a chair in a doctor’s office or at a large venue with high traffic, then you have probably experienced a Crypton-treated fabric. The treatment does not compromise the look or feel of the fabric. In most cases, you would never even know that it was there until it was time to clean up a spill, stain, or incontinence issue. When cleaned properly, this immersion process allows your fabrics to be easily cleaned, especially when using their stain chart and Crypton brand cleaners.

Previously, most facilities used bleach to properly clean and remove stains and odors from fabric. Although effective, this method can compromise or destroy the integrity of the Crypton barrier and/or discolor the patterns or colorways of the fabric.

Crypton outlines a very specific breakdown to help you determine which of their cleaning solutions can remove which stains and odors. Many Invacare Interior Design customers have been relieved to find out that by following the Crypton cleaning guides, furnishings they once thought would need replaced could be restored.

Invacare Interior Design is not only passionate about selecting and designing furnishings to showcase your environment, but we’re also passionate about helping you find products and upholsteries that can stand the test of time. We aim to create an environment within your facility that is comfortable and welcoming with the ability to stand the test of time and daily wear and tear. If you have questions about Crypton-treated textiles, or other design-related inquiries, you can contact Invacare Interior Design here.

Crypton® is a registered trademark of Crypton, LLC.

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