Design 101: Does Color Matter?

by Invacare Interior Design on Sep 24, 2015 6:00:00 AM

While it may not be a physical addition to a room like a chair or coffee table, color integration is one of the most important aspects of your renovation project. When redoing a building’s interior, colors can change the entire mood and tone of the facility. What colors are right for you? Some questions many people have when working with a designer on color patterns are:IID_Blog_Color

  • Are any colors “timeless”?
  • Are there any colors that shouldn’t be used in certain rooms?
  • Are certain colors more beneficial for a certain type of room?
  • Why is color important in a building renovation?
  • Do any colors have calming effects on people?

These are all important topics to think about when undergoing a renovation, and should be discussed with your designer during the planning stages. The guide below should be able to answer your color-coordinating questions.

  • Colors like green and blue, along with spice colors and neutrals, tend to remain popular over time.
  • Room type does not necessarily dictate color, and many styles have been proven effective in every style room.
  • Red should not be used in any location throughout a newly designed facility.
  • Familiar, soothing tones tend to assist the elderly with memory care.
  • Colors are not only a valuable tool in stimulation of positive memories and feelings in the elderly, they provide a practical purpose in associating color with direction. If there are a wide range of colors employed in a facility, it becomes easier for residents to navigate.
  • Due to their association with nature, shades of green tend to calm people most effectively.
  • Avoid using pastel colors, residents see these colors as monotone and difficult to distinguish.

There you have it. No project is finished until the colors have been chosen, so talk to your designer about implementing some of these tips in your renovation.

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