Design Trends in Short-Term Rehab

by Invacare Interior Design on Oct 19, 2017 3:57:00 PM

The Baby Boomer generation is no longer the ‘silent generation’ of their parents and grandparents. Now, more than ever, they expect more from their surroundings – higher style, increased comfort, and as close to their home environment as possible.

When building a facility from the ground up, it is important to place the most marketable areas toward the front of the building. It is also suggested to have a separate entrance to the short-term rehab area. These areas include indoor pools, spas, and therapy areas. These not only appeal to the resident’s want for attractive surroundings, but also allows residents to see the importance of rehab front and center.


They also expect more areas for socializing – cocktail lounges, art studios, cooking classes, outdoor patios, walking paths, and more. These activity areas can also double as therapy areas. Cooking classes, art studios, and walking paths can help in the transition from short-term rehab back to regular life. These areas not only provide resident interaction, but also serve as areas where they can practice and participate in everyday life activities. This is similar to what is provided in occupational therapy.

Residents look for private rooms with enough space for a separate seating area. This might include a sleeper sofa for family members who want to stay nearby as well as a selection of books and current magazines to read. An added bonus for residents? Have a massage therapist on staff and provide luxurious towels and towel warmers.


It is important to consider the location of a rehab facility. Most residents won’t be able to drive, but will still want to get out. Urban areas allow those that can to explore local areas. Access to the facility by walking, a taxi drive, or public transportation is very valuable.

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