Interior Design Terms to Know: Part 1

by Invacare Interior Design on Aug 24, 2017 4:03:00 PM

Interior Design Terms to Know

Are you working with an interior designer and feel like you don’t speak their language? We are here to help! The list below gives you an inside look at interior designer lingo so you can speak the same language as your designer in no time.


Overbed Tables


Luxury Vinyl Tile


Customer’s Own Material, when referencing upholstery in an order.


Project Coordinator


National Fire Protection Association

Fire Certs                                          

Fire Certifications; a guide containing all of the fire ratings for the furnishings ordered for a facility to maintain and present for inspections and to meet compliance standards.


The treatment used on fabrics of the furnishings. Crypton is the leading stain, moisture and odor resistant performance fabrics. It allows the furnishings to prevent any liquids or stains from penetrating the fabric of the furnishings, not only meeting compliance in Senior Living facilities, but allows the upholstery to be cleaned and the products to last longer.

Specs or Spec’d     

Specified / When an item is selected or a color or finish is selected from the Designer to the fabricator or General Contractor.


Window Treatments: drapery panels, cornice boards, solar shades, blinds, valances, etc.

Cubicle Curtains   

Privacy curtains that define or separate shared areas among residents. Typically hung from a track that that can be opened or closed and must follow the designated state’s standard codes.


Smaller versions of a larger pattern, print or finish. 


Vinyl Wall Covering or “wall protection”

Space Plan            

A floor plan that reflects where each of the proposed furnishings will be placed, done at scale to ensure proper design and meet compliance which also allows for budgeting to be accessed properly.

Floor Plan

A drawing to scale, showing a view from above, of the relationships between rooms, spaces and other physical features at one level of a structure, including walls and windows.


Evacuation plan. A map of the building’s interior, showing a strategic exit route in comparison to an individual’s current location in the building and how to exit efficiently and safely. 

Finish Schedule

A graph or chart completed by a designer or General Contractor to outline the size, shape, style, color and installation instructions so that a task can be completed on a building per the original intent or design choice. It may also list an order in which each step is to take place so that materials can be ordered accordingly and each person involved is aware of the next step to take place.


An itemized list of each item that has been bidded, outlining the cost, freight charges if applicable, warranty details and dimensions, taking place before an order can be made and placed.


Typically in reference to an “Order Acknowledgment” for design. A receipt that an order has been received and will confirm the selections being ordered and often outlining the estimated ship date of when to expect the shipment.

Case Goods

Resident room furnishings. Anything from a bedside cabinet, to a wardrobe or chest of drawers in addition to the headboard and footboards.

Capped Ends

The footboard end of a bedspread or coverlet for a bed that is already fabricated to the width of the bed allowing efficiency for making a bed and provides a clean look.

Security Hardware

Hardware added to the back of the frame in artwork that requires a special tool to remove it from the wall. It not only prevents theft or ability to remove the artwork, but it also holds the artwork in place on all sides of the frame to prevent it from getting shifted or tilted on the wall, staying in one position.

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