Interior Design Terms to Know: Part 2

by Invacare Interior Design on Sep 7, 2017 3:57:00 PM

Are you working with an interior designer and feel like you don’t speak their language? We are here to help! The list below gives you an inside look at interior designer lingo so you can be speaking the same language as your designer in no time.


Decorative and/or regulatory-required signs that identify each room or region of the building.  Evacuation plans, exit signs, room names and room numbers would all fall under this category.

Interior Design Terms to Know, Part 2


If a customer chooses to have their items consolidated, Invacare can accept all of the deliverables of their order in one of our warehouses and organize them to be delivered when specified. This is done in lieu of the facility receiving multiple deliveries on multiple dates and trying to store them until ready.


Invacare has a dedicated team that can install all of the deliverables including furnishings, signage, artwork, beds and case goods if this service is selected with order.  Installation can also be referred to the process of a third-party vendor installing other items such as wall protection, or flooring. 

Soft Goods    

Often used when referring to items such as bedspreads and linens.


Décor items selected to dress shelves, cabinets or tables by a designer. 


Abbreviations to areas that are used for Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy or Rehabilitation, respectively.


Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development in the State of California.


Flammability standard requirements for upholstered furniture.


The regulation for the upholstered furniture industry, the business owners or institutions with public assistance with ten or more upholstered seating furnishings.


The standard method for regulating fire tests for flame propagation of textiles and films.  (ie: Draperies, curtains and similar textiles) 

Virtual Boards

Electronic visual guides or diagrams outlining proposed furnishings and fabric selections, paint and/or finish selections, space plans conducted by the designer to provide an initial outline of the design selection process for the client. 

Color or Paint Schedule

A chart or graph that outlines what color, texture or finish to apply to each wall for the General Contractor to use for validating against the design that was selected.  It also allows the client or contractor to adequately budget for and order the proper amount of supplies or color.


A breakdown of estimated costs of all goods typically provided to the customer in the initial bidding process.  When a facility is looking into where funds can be allocated properly, a budgetary can provide an average cost and determine an overall cost for the project or to bid against another supplier.

Magic Sliders

A Teflon glide that can be added to feet of furnishings, such as dining and resident room chairs to provide ease in moving the furniture across flooring surfaces, especially while seated, and protect the floor from scratches and gouges. 


An acronym for furniture, fixtures and other equipment.  It refers to the items in a breakdown that have no permanent connection to the structure of a building or its utilities.

Wear Layer

The measurement of a surface’s ability to maintain its integrity before it is compromised.  Flooring is the category referenced most when it comes to a wear layer.  You wouldn’t use the same type of flooring in a residential application as you would in a commercial area, as it would not stand up to the amount of traffic as well as the equipment moved throughout a facility, such as wheelchairs and beds, and overall increased foot traffic. 


Thermoformed decorate laminate used on surfaces of case goods for increased durability and ability to reduce or eliminate moisture penetration and increase infection control.


High Pressured Laminate used in surfaces of furnishings, such as case goods and over the bed tables. 

Toe Kick

The bottom finished panel of a case good that provides a decorate apron that can often be available in multiple patterns/shapes to give character and style to the cabinet or wardrobe.

Color Scheme

The application of arranging various color models to combine complimentary patterns, colors and textures outlined for a project between paint selections, fabrics and finishes in order to visualize how they can all work together for the selection process of a design project.    

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