Senior Living Facilities: A Guide to Lighting

by Invacare Interior Design on Nov 5, 2015, 6:00:00 AM

When considering a renovation or redesign for a senior living facility, one of the factors that simply cannot be overlooked is lighting. Effective use of lighting can create a much more soothing and comfortable living space for your residents, while ineffective use can lead to worry and concern. Here are some simple tips to go over with your design team when planning any big project:IID_Blog_Lighting

-Natural light is always a bonus. Bringing the outdoors into your facility helps your residents feel relaxed and calm.

-Creating multiple lighting levels and options make a space versatile for a bright area during the day and dimly lit for sleeping during the night.

-A light source near each resident’s room can be welcoming and act as a signal for residents to know that they’re home.

-Bright lighting creates a cozier, warmer environment. Cooler shades of bulbs should be avoided when possible.

-Dark spots from lack of lighting are particularly upsetting to older residents. In contrast, harsh glares can disturb residents as they move throughout the facility.

Every facility is different and the budget and scope of renovations vary. At a minimum, some regulatory issues that every renovator should give thought to are:

-Some facilities require lamps to be bolted to tables or the ground. If you aren’t the head of your facility, check with them to see what rules govern these specific fixtures.

-Some states regulate whether or not a bulb from a light fixture can be in plain view. These states require a lampshade to help soften and diffuse the light.

Hopefully this guide, with help from a talented designer, will leave your facility in great shape. A well-lit environment makes for happy residents and staff alike.

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