The one small detail that makes a big difference in senior living design

by Invacare Interior Design on Mar 4, 2016 9:10:00 AM

Signage is important for wayfinding in senior living facilities.

When it comes to designing for senior living facilities, one important detail you don’t want to miss is signage. Signage is an integral part of any senior living facility project, helping residents navigate and feel comfortable moving around. Whether you’re starting from scratch or just making cosmetic updates, signage is an important finishing touch for your renovation project.

Not just any sign will do, though. Signs in facilities such as nursing homes need to be placed at eye-level with raised lettering and braille with a 70% contrast between the typography on the signage and the background. This means signs that are too neutral in text and background are not acceptable or effective for most residents.

The high contrast requirement shouldn’t discourage you, though. Signage for senior living facilities has come a long way in recent years. One of today’s top trends is to incorporate your facility logo onto the sign for a uniform and polished look. For additional way-finding benefits, you can consider adding an easily recognizable symbol onto the sign that can help the resident make the connection between the room and the purpose of the room, such as a fork and knife set in the dining area sign.

While signage is important, it shouldn’t be the only feature in your facility that helps with wayfinding. Talk to an Invacare Interior Designer today to learn how your facility can be transformed.

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