Trends in Senior Living Design

by Invacare Interior Design on Apr 5, 2018 4:03:00 PM


Senior living design is changing. It is important for your facility to stay on top of trends in senior living designs to help make it as marketable as possible. Use the tips below for an explanation of some of the trends Invacare Interior Design has seen and why they’re a good idea for your facility.

  • Mimicking the style of the region your facility is located in is a hotel trend that’s gaining traction in long-term care facilities. Residents are proud of where they come from and can find comfort in surroundings that are familiar to them. Including artwork that depicts historic aspects of the area or local sports teams can also be beneficial in triggering postitive memories.
  • The new generation of senior living residents expects a higher standard for technology than previous generations. They’re more comfortable with it, as well. Upgrading the technology in your facility is a worthwhile investment.
  • Consider the size and privacy of rooms when building a new facility. If they can, most residents will choose a private room over a shared room as many private conversations take place in a resident’s room. Larger, private rooms also give residents a place that is all their own that they feel comfortable being in.
  • Creating intimate spaces for resident interaction and conversation throughout your facility can help promote socialization. Often, large activity spaces and multi-purpose activity areas are not used or will force residents to gather in small groups in the corner of these rooms.
  • While often ignored, staff spaces are an important part of a facility. A great staff is a vital part of running an efficient operation, and it’s important to let your staff know you appreciate them. Staff spaces should include comfortable seating, a kitchenette, private restrooms and access to the outdoors.
  • As the demographics of senior living residents change, so do preferences for color and style. In many facilities, a traditional style with muted colors and patterns has transformed into a facility with luxurious fabrics, rich patterns and pops of color.

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